One-Time Payment

110% 30-Day Money Back Guarentee

If you complete 100% of my course and don't feel you have all the needed tools to recover from depersonalization and derealization, I will not only give you your money back, but I will also give you 10% more than what you paid. Recovery from depersonalization and derealization will take longer than thirty days for most people. But I am confident that after taking my online course, you will know within 30 days that you are equipped with all the needed tools to fully overcome depersonalization and derealization. If you are not, simply email me at to request a refund.

Limited-Time Bonuses

Gain Instant Access To 10 Additional Recovery Resources Upon Purchase

  • The 12 Keys Of Depersonalization Recovery

    Discover 12 Secrets to Overcoming Depersonalization And Derealization 10x Faster.

  • 8 Additional MP3 Audio Recovery Resources

    Learn how to live in the present moment, relax your entire body fast, overcome recovery setbacks and more.

  • The Daily Recovery Checklist

    A pre-written checklist with the most important activities you should be focusing on doing to recover as fast as possible.

New Bonuses

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • The Depersonalization Recovery Timeline

    Discover the three phases of depersonalization/derealization recovery. ​ Finally know if you are making progress in your recovery. Learn how to know when you are 50% & 100% recovered.

2-Hour Online Group Coaching Session W/ Jordan Hardgrave

Limited Time Bonus

Spend 2 hours in a closed-door private group coaching session via Zoom with DPDR-Expert Jordan Hardgrave to help expedite your recovery. Ask questions to your specific situation and get real-time feedback from your course instructor. Be encouraged by hearing stories from others who are experiencing the same struggles while working towards recovery. ​​ You will realize in this session that you are not alone and can overcome DPDR. ​​Live demonstrations of the relaxation techniques taught in the course.